Our History


The "Holy Resurrection Romanian Orthodox" church in Sacramento was founded out of necessity in June 2002, at the request of over 100 Orthodox Christians. Religious services were started on Sunday, November 17, 2002, in a rented space. The first service at the present address of the mission took place on May 2, 2004.


The church belongs to the US and Canadian Archbishops, led by Archbishop Dr. Nicolae Condrea, elected in 2002. Initially, the church had Archimandrite Vichentie Punguta as its priest, who activated at the Negru Voda Monastery in the Diocese of Arges and Muscelului and who accepted to come here as a serving priest; On the recommendation of His Highness, Dr. Nicolae Condrea left, starting November 1, 2004, at the New York Monastery, being replaced by Father Gheorghe Naghi, who served before leaving the country at the Orthodox Church in Herneacova, Timis County. Father Naghi managed with the help of the Holy Spirit to share from the sweetness of the Orthodoxy a multitude of believers, so that for many Romanians in Sacramento, a spiritual liman is an endless source of non-material wealth, Romanian customs and traditions. Unfortunately, at the end of 2005, Father Naghi faced difficult trials as a result of a very serious illness situation, which made him unable to keep his flock. Since then, good believers have been pastor of Teodor A. Girlonta.