The Mass Service takes place Sundays, starting at 10:00 AM
at the new address 3250 U Street, Antelope CA

Help build our church


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The Church is firstly the house of God on Earth, and as a social space represents the sum of the wishes of its members and supporters.
That is why our hearts fill with joy when we receive your help, to help us finalize the project for our new Church, located at 3250 U Streetreet, Antelope, CA. We serve the greater Sacramento community.

Our church is a recognised non profit organisation, 501 c3, so your donations may be tax deductible.
Here are our by-laws.(pdf) Thank you everybody who is joining us the ambitious goal of officiating the Mass service in our own home.
Please check the Contact info tab, for the address where checks payable to " Holy Resurection Church " should be sent.

We are truly grateful for your generous thoughts of helping our church, The Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, in its struggle to finish a building as a functional place for prayers and religious services. Your caring support shows your respect for the importance of the religion for maintaining the health of a civilized society, with high ethical standards. Please be assured that your gift will be used wisely and efficiently to make a lasting difference for numerous familieswho need to have a place to worship to God. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you for your caring generosity! We will keep you in our payers !